Its no mystery that the evolution of BMX tires has taken a defining development curve in the last 2 years. Riders are not just looking for the fattest tire on the market but one that completely suits their overall style of riding weather it be flat, dirt, ramp or street.

Stevie Churchill started work on his signature tire at a time when riders were already heavily into 2.4’s and everyone who rode street was understanding the benefits, especially if you like to hammer out big sets and feel a certain sturdy jolt as you land. Stevie threw out some patterned designs for the tread that would work well on street, help you roll faster and kept things simple at the same time. We made sure the fireballs had just enough bite though to keep you from sliding out all the time. Then we got to experiment with materials and finally the testing, which Stevie did a lot of. Feedback from him and other riders was great off the bat and like a perfect book we finished another chapter with a big old high five. The fireball was born.


The new Fireball tires use a special puncture proof belt which not only keeps these things strong during harsh landing and grinds, but also helps save you from the dreaded mid-ride flat.





Available now in 2.30″ and 2.40″ and in Black, Gum/Black and Red/Black.

Heres the specs:
80 tpi construction, wire bead
2.3” or 2.4”
Black, burgundy/black, gum/black
High rated pressure 100 PSI
Puncture resistant nylon layer
2.3” 737g (25.9oz) 2.4” 826g (29.1oz)