This year has been pretty solid in terms of travelling and just getting around. We dodged through Cali early on, took a long flight to China and right now we are ending the 3 part ‘free and sleazy’ series in Europe. Shane Weston, Nathan Williams, Chester Blacksmith, Darryl Tocco, Ashley Charles and Sean Burns have all enjoyed these trips in one way or another, Nathan has been hurt recently, Ashly has just got back on his bike and lets not forget the all important substitue IZ who has filled in for both Ash and Nathan on all of these trips. Considering IZ is only 19 and he had never left the states hes now got some pretty epic countries under his belt.

Right now as I type this I’m in a hotel room in Paris after doing a 10 hour drive from the north of England where we had a good first few days and got to hang out with UK flow dude Phil Demattia. Paris has been great but the weather has been a little unpredictable and cost us a day of riding. Still, the sun shines till 9 pm round here. Tomorrow we leave for Cologne, Germany. The home of Kolsch beer, flat rails and of course our head quarters, a nice place to end the trip. We will be hanging out at the peoples store on the 8th so come down and hang out with us and get a free trip poster.

So far we want to thank Lilian at Frenchys for all there help in paris and also to Maxime Charveron and Willy for showing us the spots.