Eclat PRO Ty Morrow just laced up a fresh whip together with his signature frame from Fiend. Ty is running his signature 10″ Morrow Bars with our Storm Forks and a sample of our Elevate Guard which drops next month together with his highly anticipated signature Morrow Tire. Ty is actually running some sample Morrow Tires based off his recent Vans signature shoes, let us know if you’re feeling them and maybe they go into production…

Frame – Fiend Ty Morrow 21″

Fork – eclat Storm 25mm

Bars – eclat Morrow 10″

Stem – Fiend Morrow

Headset – eclat Cargo

Grips – eclat Pulsar made by ODI

Seat – Fiend Morrow

Cranks – eclat Tibia 165mm

Sprocket – eclat Elevate Guard

Pedals – eclat Seeker

Chain – eclat 4 Stroke

Front Wheel – eclat Cortex to Bondi Rim

Rear Wheel – eclat Cortex Freecoaster to Bondi Rim

Pegs – eclat Venom 4.8″

Tires – eclat Morrow 2.40″