The ZAP grips are new from eclat, and they are made for people like myself. I dont really like flanges, but I dont mind a bit of a flange and I certainly find it weird when a grip just ends and theres nothing there. Thats me though and we are all different, so thats what makes the ZAP grips great, they are all about choice. It’s longer in size so you can cut it down and ride however you wish. So if you like a nice high flange with a brake lever tucked behind it, you can do so. If you like a smaller flange, you can, all in the same grip, its like a JML multi grip or something.

I decided to stick these on today and took some photos of the process, to give you an idea what I’m talking about.


Heres the grips, all fresh and new and just sitting on my desk while I go source a brew.


and here they are out in the cold and miserable English weather minutes away from being stuck on my bars.


So first measure up how you wanna have them, short or long and make sure you know if you want the high end flange or the low end. I opted for the larger flange to be cut off.




Score away at the point you want to trim off and then proceed to put the grip on as usual.

PLEASE NOTE: I have cut down bars by 1 inch so I cut the grips down even further. For riders with wider bars you can cut at the point where the grip pattern ends.



Cutting a grip with a nice hacksaw is kind of like cutting up butter so dont worry if you are a pansy.



Once off slap your bar ends in and go shred. Simple as that.





For more photos visit the product section.

soft kraton rubber


190mm x 30mm

black, blue, white, gum

incl. éclat nylon corkx barends / super long grip designed to be cut to desired length / option to run with normal or low flange