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Sean Burns Grip

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When the idea came about to produce a signature grip for Sean Burns we instantly thought, “this is going to be weird”. When he told us he wanted to do a grip like a studded belt we all got a little confused. However, we got to work and created an extremely soft grip with a thick solid flange (perfect if you run donuts like Sean). One of the best grips we’ve ever made and one of the most surprisingly comfortable in our collection.

ALL Eclat use our Corx V2 barends and the VEX K material for longer life and softer feeling grip.


K3- High Performance Rubber


152mm x 27mm

incl. éclat nylon corkx V2 barends / designed in conjunction with Sean Burns / non-parallel shape designed for hand comfort / subtle contact areas for control, flange removal marking, K3 material for longer life and softer feeling grip

100g (3.52oz : 0.22lbs) (per pair without barends)