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Cortex/Seismic Front Hub Guard

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This smooth looking front hub guard for the Cortex, Cortex OS and Seismic front hubs will effortlessly slide onto the cones and is going to keep on protecting you, however many grinds your going to do. Made out of the same injection molded nylon-fibreglass compound as our Venom pegs, it can take all the hammer you can give it.

nylon-fibreglass compound


• exclusively designed to fit on the Éclat Cortex/Cortex OS/Seismic front hub
• threadless, slides smoothly onto pre-existing cone
• will fit Éclat Dynamic front hub, if used with Cortex/Seismic front hub cones
• comes as pair

18.3 x 60.4mm

22g (0.8oz : 0.05lbs)