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Complex Combo Seat

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The Complex Combo Seat is a brand new combo seat taking the same super-tough seat base construction as our Bios Pivotal seat, but in a lighter, simpler and more affordable combo form. Available in three foam options, if you’re looking to simplify your ride or shed some grams in style, the Complex Combo Seat is exactly what you are looking for.

Injection molded base with 6061-T6 alloy post

25.4mm seat post, 200mm long

Seat Base Size:

230 x 130 x 56mm (slim), 230 x 130 x 65mm (Mid), 236 x 143 x 72mm (fat)



  • Slim, mid & fat padding
  • Bios Pivotal seat inspired support structure concept
  • Sseat combo designed for riders wanting a lighter seat
  • Larger and more stable seat base shape similar to Pivotal seats
  • Perfectly balanced seat position angle to suit all riders

Weight 413g / 14.5oz (fat)