We are constantly working together with our manufacturers, not only to improve upon our current product line, but to bring innovative new designs to the forefront of BMX. Here’s a preview of an exciting new project, which we’ve been developing in the background with one of the best hub factories in the world.

The new SEISMIC Cassette Hub utilizes a totally new internal mechanism, which we’ve been working on for a good while now. Inspired by similar systems used on high-end road and mountain bikes, we’ve managed to re-design this system to work inside a BMX cassette hub with a 14mm axle and a 9t driver, something which was never possible until now.

Instead of the typical pawl based cassette hub, the SEISMIC hub uses x2 coupled toothed ratchet rings, which are inside the hub and the driver. The two rings are pushed together with a very special design of spring, which allows the hub to transfer power in one direction, and “freewheel” in the other. Despite obviously looking very different, there are some very important advantages to this system over other cassette hubs on the market.

The system transfers the power in a much more reliable and stable way. With a typical pawl based hub, when the hub is engaged, only 2 or even 3 of the pawls are making contact with the ratchet ring at any one time. With the Seismic Hub, once the hub is engaged, the disks are in 100% contact with each other and transferring power simultaneously with a much larger surface area. This not only transfers the power more stably, but it also reduces friction since the power is more evenly distributed, which prevents slipping or failure inside the hub. In a nutshell, it’s a much stronger internal mechanism, which can’t fail even after years of heavy use. No more skipping, slipping or popping, you can really crank this thing as hard you want and it’s not going to fail.

Not only is this system stronger, but it’s also much more simple to work on and much lighter than a standard cassette hub. Using this internals combined with a slimmed down hub shell, we are able to shred over 100g off the total weight of the hub without sacrificing the strength of the axle by reducing the diameter like some other “lightweight” hubs use. This hub will also be fully compatible with our VIPER and GONG nylon hub guards, allowing you to really thrash this thing in the streets without having to worry about damaging it.

The benefits of the SEISMIC hub cater to street, park or trail riders wanting an incredibly strong cassette hub which is easy to work on and low in weight. We’ve been working incredibly hard on the development to ensure that the hub is 100% perfect and so far it’s passed every machine and rider test with flying colours. The SEISMIC Cassette Hub is in the final development stages right now, but you can expect to see it become available during the 2019 season. We’ll be updating you with more info on this hub over the upcoming weeks so pay attention to our @eclatbmxparts Instagram for more…

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