A lot of time and effort went into designing the brand new #Sniper lever.

The first goal was to create a fully cold-forged 1pc lever, rather than casting like most BMX brands use. The cold-forging process creates a much stiffer, stronger and durable lever capable of withstanding more impacts and fatigue than your average lever.

The second goal was to create a more modern and contoured shape with the body and the blade which would fit your hands better and feel better on tricks where your hands come off the bars. By using a hingeless clamp we were able to not only make a slimmer and ergonomic shape, but massively increase the overall strength and durability of the lever itself as there are no more critical breakpoints or areas which can be over-tightened.

Available with a medium-shaped lever blade in both Right and Left side options, the new Sniper lever is a new éclat classic.

6061-T6 alloy cold forged


• fully re-designed
• ergonomic low-profile shape
• cold-forged for superior strength
• perfect shaped lever geometry
• improved knuckle space