We’re currently out in AZ with the crew working on a special something with Ride BMX. We took some time out of the glaring Phoenix sun to check out a few of the parts that the team have really been stoked on lately. All of our parts are developed in conjunction with the PRO team, and are designed from the very first stages to be parts that you really can trust and put your faith in, day in, day out. First up is our newest addition to the PRO team Devon Smillie, with three Eclat products that he sees as true “Dependable’s”.

Polar Rim

I always used to be afraid of destroying rims, even just dinging them bad on stuff but i feel fully safe riding the polar rims, they seem solid and I’ve not had a single issue yet

One of the most overlooked parts on a bike, a good rim can not only make a huge difference to how your bike rides, but also as to how much abuse your wheels can take. Following the huge success of our famous Bondi rim,  the Polar Rim has been the rim of choice for most of the team for a good few years now. Dropping into the range in 2013, the Polar was an instant hit with the guys who prefer larger tires, due to the wider profile of the rim and the smooth shape which helps the rims blend into the tire.


Devon rides our Polar rims front and rear. The proven double wall welded construction provides incredible strength whilst keeping the weight down. The cross section of the rim was optimized to reduce wall thickness where it wasn’t necessary, so the end result is an incredibly strong rim which doesn’t weigh as much as you would think it would. The Polar is available in both a regular straight wall version, as well as a unique chamfered Aero wall version, both rims are available now from your lcoal BMX shop.

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Slattery Stem

“I’m stoked on the Slattery Stem because of the STC grooves on the inside of the stem, they keep the bars from moving and help the stem feel super sturdy. I’m also really into the smooth shape at the back of the stem, it keeps you from hurting your knees if stuff goes wrong.”

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NEW for 2016 is the Geoff Slattery signature Stem. The Slattery Stem was designed to be a no nonsense, traditional and solid classic topload stem which could stand up to the biggest drops and crashes. Like many of the team, Devon likes the taller 30mm rise and a super wide 48mm faceplate with larger head bolts, which allow the bars to be really clamped down and prevent them from ever slipping.



The Slattery Stem also utilises the STC (Shark Tooth Clamping) system, which allows the knurling on the bar to be bitten by the teeth in the stem and keep the bars in place, even after the burliest of drops or big gaps. With Devon, as well as Geoff, Shane and Julian Arteaga all running the Slattery stem right now, you know that this is one stem that can hack it in the rough.

Onyx 24mm Cranks

“The Onyx Cranks are super dope looking in my opinion. I really like the slimness of the arms and the 3 piece design. These things are super strong, I love them”.


Devon runs our 24mm Onyx cranks bolted up to a Vent sprocket and our Diesel chain. The Onyx cranks are our finest and the most inventive crmo cranks to date. Now using an oversize super-hollow 24mm spindle, the arms, use the same invest cast boss design at the spindle and pedal ends. These cranks are designed to take the strain, stress and power of today’s most fierce riders just like Devon.

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