Well time does fly by when your having fun, yes its only 7 days till we fly to Shanghai, China and kick of part 2 of the #freensleazy tour. Ashley is still hurt from his second ACL operation so all the best to him so taking his place is the king sub IZ Pulido, he will be joining Shane Weston, Darryl Tocco, Chester Blacksmith, Sean Burns and Nathan Williams.

You can keep up to date with everything thats goes on visually by following us on instragram @official_eclat and keeping an eye on twitter @eclatbmx.

You can also head down to Top Toys Skatepark on the 26th of April at 1pm for a demo and signing. Heres the poster!

This event is in collaboration with cnbmx.com and www.ibmxco.com.

Also, keep an eye on twitter, Facebook and Instagram this week for some sneaky giveaways in the run up to Enter Shanghai.