Today we are officially announcing the step down of Chester Blacksmith from the Éclat PRO team. Chester has been occupied with other things in his life for some time now and his path has taken him from PRO bike rider to expert motorcyclist and full time worker. These things happen in life and it’s no secret that a human being like Chester can only break so many bones for so long.

Chester first joined the Éclat team as part of its conception and has been a rock of stability throughout its existence and we can not thank him enough for the blood spilled and miles travelled on behalf of our brand. Chester has not given up bike riding, so if you swing by Portland be sure to check in on him. Chester remains part of our family forever and a true OG of Eclat. To remind you of what sadness Chester did while on Éclat, heres a look back.

[youtube id=16qGezYUYE0]

Back in 2012 we travelled to China, Chester didn’t hold back, grabbing the ender in style.


With Monica in Leeds, England.


Jumping off buildings in Germany.


This crazy hop over ended up in this..



Pegs to Ice