In today’s world of 20 stair icepicks and technical peg wizardry that requires a degree in physics to understand, hub guards are a simple necessity for many riders. Luckily we have developed our own range of hub guards that are exclusively designed to fit seamlessly on to our extensive range of hubs so you don’t have to worry about destroying your brand new wheelset on the first session at your local flat ledge. Here’s a look at our wide range of hub guard options, all of which are available now. 


The Teck front hub was actually the first front hub we ever made, and to due to it’s unique flangless design it’s still a staple of our range. The Teck has it’s own 7075 hub guard which lends it’s shape to the deep inset bearings in the hub. Tried and tested by our team for quite some time now, in a nutshell this thing will prevent your hub body from any kind of ill-treatment.


The Kolibri front hub may be the light-weight of the range but don’t think that mean’s it can’t stand up to some serious abuse. The 10mm heat-treated crmo axle on this sleek looking beauty meant that it needed a small but strong guard to match. Made out of 7075-T6 alloy, the Kolibri front hub guard slides onto the axle meaning you don’t have to worry about threading it on and damaging the threads of the axle like many other 10mmm male guards. Big enough to protect the flanges, yet small enough to not look like a dinnerplate, if you’ve recent invested in a Kolibri hub then we suggest you treat it nice and pair it up with one or two of these things.


Using the same principal as the front hub, the Kolibri cassette hub is also a sleek machine with super small flanges meaning it needs a smaller guard to match. The Kolibri cassette guard replaces the non-drive side cone and slides right onto the threadless part of the axle. This guard is available in both the super strong 7075-T6 alloy, and a nylon/crmo version for a slicker grinding experience.


The Dynamic is really one for the grinders. We specifically designed this front hub with flanges that were closer together to give you more room for a shaped hubguard on the front. Because of this design, we are able to develop both a 7075-T6 alloy guard, and a nylon/crmo version which both feature a deeper taper making sure you are pushed onto your pegs no matter where you land on the rail. A favourite of most of the team, the Dynamic was a hub born to be run with hub guards and teamed up with a  pair of pegs.


The Dynamic cassette hub has taken over some changes this year. Namely the larger 14mm female axle, we had to develop a new hub guard which in turn also works on the new Pulse cassette hub too. This guard replaces the non-drive side cone and is available in both the super strong 7075-T6 alloy, and a nylon/crmo version which will have you sliding for days and days and days….


The Pulse front hub is another front hub which continues to rippen with age. Year on year we make small changes to improve it even more, but this little trooper has proven it’s self as the go-to front hub for many riders now. The Pulse uses it’s a 7075-T6 alloy guard that matches it’s low flanges and slides right onto the axle in place of the cone. Small light and strong, what more could you want in a hub guard?


The Pulse cassette also got a bit of a re-vamp for 2015. Now using a 14mm female axle, it uses a new hub guard that we developed to fit the new Dynamic cassette hub at the same time. This guard works like many of our others and slides right onto the axle, and is available in both an alloy and a nylon version which matches up perfectly with a full plastic-peg setup.


The long awaited Blind freecoaster hub. We don’t think there is any other product that has had as much time, blood, sweat and tears poured into it than this. From the get-go Shane Weston wanted to insure that his signature hub could be protected from all sides so we designed both the 14mm male and the 3/8″ female version work with hub guards on both sides. The Blind feature’s it’s own unique hub guard available in both 7075-T6 alloy and a super slidey nylon/crmo version. The Blind is also compatible with our new Gong V2 drive-side hub guard which comes with adaptors to allow it to fit ALL of our rear hubs for 2015. We strongly recommend both of these items to anyone picking up a Blind hub and are looking to slap their pegs on anything that moves.


To make the Blind Freecoaster even more special, we decided to give Shane Weston his own signature front hub to match. Using the proven Pulse front hub as a base, but using a matching hub shell design, the Blind front hub uses the same super tough 7075-TG alloy guard that works on the Pulse front hub too. Again, replacing the cones on both sides of the hub, wether you’re using one or two of them, you can be rest assured that your hub is going to be that much safer with one of these standing in the way of your flange on your Blind front hub.

Our full range of hubs and hub guards are available now from Eclat dealers worldwide. For more info on these products, head over to the Hub & Guards section and check them out in closer detail.