This year has certainly been a hectic one, putting the team around the world has been a major factor in the global increase of popularity amongst our products but it hasn’t meant that we have slowed down at all, especially when it comes to making new products.

The kolbri hub is a clean and simplistic looking hub, with nice low flanges on both front and rear which actually match in appearance (viewed on the side) – giving the bike a more balanced look in general. The weight isn’t a factor on these too, we opted for a 14mm hollow axle to help here. We used a simple cassette system on the rear with a full bushing driver, again keeping it simple as can be. If you are looking to getting your hands a hassle free straight forward dialled in hub then this is probably going to serve you well.


The shell is made from 6061-T6 alloy, the rear axle is 14mm hollow bore hardened heat-treated crmo. The Kolibri front hub features a simple low flange design made possible by using a smaller diameter bearings, 2 on each side to ensure it rolls as good as it looks. A straight forward 10mm regular axle making it incredibly light and great for rolling on and on and on…and on.


The hubs are available in black, gold, high polished and oil slick and of course its RSD or LSD using out switch system. The axle design also prevents damage to threads and the weight is a refreshing 17.4oz.

For more details visit: http://eclatbmx.com/products/hubs-hub-guards/kolibri-casette-hub/ or http://eclatbmx.com/products/hubs-hub-guards/kolibri-front-hub/