Kilian is back on his bike after 6 months off the grind recovering from ACL reconstruction. To celebrate being back on two wheels, Kilian built up a fresh Cult build stacked with a bunch of our new 2016 Éclat parts. This thing looks so awesome, take a closer look here.


Kilian rides our team proven DIVE Bar in 8.9″. For 2016 we changed up the bending radius to give the bar a smoother and cleaner look. This bar is also available in 8.6″ for those who prefer a smaller bar, or a larger 10″ version for the taller rider. The Dive bar comes in at 29.5″ wide, but Kilian cuts his bars down to 28″ allowing him to throw the bars with ease.

Kilian threw on a pair of our new SPIRE Cranks. Based on the proven and indestructible design of the infamous TIBIA cranks, the Spires use a box shape arm which is both incredibly strong and really stiff. Using a fully heat treated hollow 22mm spindle, the Spire cranks are available in 175 and 170mm lengths, Kilian rides the shorter 170mm versions.



NEW for 2016 is the CONTRA Pedal. The Contra uses the same thin profile and our own super strong axle/bearing configuration that made the Slash pedal so popular, but uses replaceable metal pins on one side, allowing the pedal to last much longer once the plastic pins have been damaged and worn down – because you can then put in the steel pins and have a grippy pedal once again!

Kilian is riding the new V2 version of our OZ fat pivotal seat. We took our indestructible OZ seat base, and designed a completely new and revised foam shape which gives the seat a much cleaner look. This seat will also be available in a slim version and in three colour ways; Black Canvas, Brown Leather and Desert Camo (seen here).


Our TORCH pivotal seatpost is fully 3D forged allowing us to give it a unique shape like nothing else on the market. Available in 130mm and 230mm lengths.

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Kilian rides our classic PULSE front hub with matching alloy hub guards. The Pulse uses a slim shell, but a longer 35mm long bolt allowing it to be run perfectly with plastic pegs like our Venom pegs which Kilian happens to also ride.


Kilian’s tires match his shoes. Fact.

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Available next month is our new CORTEX freecoaster hub. Kilian has always killed it on a freecoaster so it made perfect sense to have him on our most dependable hub of it’s kind yet. Running 4 pegs, Kilian keeps his hub safe with the Cortex Nylon hub guard and our new fully universal OVERGUARD. Made of heat treat crmo, the Overguard fits over the dropout and under the peg ensuring a super sturdy hub guard that will fit pretty much any hub and frame on the market.


Full Spec List
Frame: Cult Hawk 20.75″

Fork: Cult IC V2

Bar: Eclat DIVE 8.9″

Grips: Cult AK

Stem: Cult Salvation

Headset: Cult

Cranks: Eclat SPIRE 170mm

Bottom Bracket: Eclat 22mm MID

Sprocket: Cult Fullguard 25t

Chain: Eclat 4 STROKE

Pedals: Eclat CONTRA

Seat: Eclat OZ V2 Fat Desert Camo

Post: Eclat Torch 130mm

Rear Hub: Eclat CORTEX Freecoaster LSD

Hub Guards: Eclat CORTEX Nylon and OVERGUARD

Rear Rim: Eclat TRIPPIN XL

Front Hub: Eclat PULSE with Hub Guards

Front Rim: Eclat TRIPPIN XL

Tires: Cult X Vans 2.35″

Pegs: Eclat VENOM 4.5″



The new OZ seat, Cortex Freecoaster and ALL the Éclat parts that Kilian is running will be available from Éclat dealers worldwide next month so you can have a bike as dialled as this. [easy-image-collage id=14174] [easy-image-collage id=14175]