Catching up with Geoff Slattery is almost impossible these days but then we do live in a world on smart phones and instant messaging. We caught up to see whats going on with the man himself.

Hey Geoff, so we last hung out on the high and bound trip in the summer, what have you been doing since?

Since high an bound, just been riding and filming for various things, Mainly the markit DVD. Which is going really well, everyone has been killing it for the DVD so it will be a good one.

Hows the arm as well? I know you got injured with it recently?

The arm is still sore but getting better. I fell at the Texas toast contest and seperated my shoulder. So I took a few weeks off over thanks giving to let that and my ankle get better. It’s good now just takes time.

How badly did you experience hurricane sandy? Did you manage to stock up in time?

Where I live hurricane sandy didn’t effect me. We got the eye of the storm that passed over us so we jut got some wind and rain. Nothing to damaging compared to a lot of places.

What plans have you got when the weather warms up?

Ride and keep filming for the markit DVD. We have another 8 or 9 months to film so I’m gonna go hard on that

The year is coming to an end, so whats been the highlight for you personally?

Personally I enjoyed enjoyed everything. Portugal, Argentina, all the markit trips, everything had been a blast and I’m looking forward to the future.

Best BMX video part this year?

Dave Thompson

What you got planned for christmas? You big on eating turkey?

Christmas is pretty quiet. Hang with the family and go to NYC to visit my aunt and uncle for dinner. I love turkey!

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