No matter what, this part of life never gets easy. It only gets worse. When the news hits you its like a freight train running over you without any warning and knocking you into some kind of dream state where you think its totally in your means to turn back the clock. I had emailed Randy only a few weeks ago; he was starting to get back into riding and had asked ever so nicely if he could get some parts. I always told Randy he could get what he wanted, even after his recovery when life never seemed to give him a chance. Those parts never reached him, emails became delayed and that dream like state is no dream at all, its real.

I don’t need to recall Randy’s story or his history in BMX because its fair to say his time was explosive, innovative but also short lived. Injury was Randy’s downfall, and I think any BMX’er out there will be able to tell you its not so much fun when you struggle to do the one thing you love. A blog post or facebook status never seems quite enough to express how much one persons life was so important, but it’s the one way we can reach each other and at least share somebodies life. The moments they had and the times they had are now everything we have.

We want to express our deepest condolences to Randy’s family, his friends and loved ones. Shine on Randy.