Photos by Corey Martinez.

Shane just built up an all new whip with a bunch of new 2016 products and a sample of our prototype 25.4mm Strangler 4pc bars and Bruno Hoffmann signature “Predator” tires. Take a closer look at his almost 100% Eclat freecoasting stealth black steed here…


Frame: Fly Isla

Fork: Eclat CODA 26

Bar: Eclat Strangler 25.4mm 4pc Prototype 9.6″ cut down to 28″

Stem: Eclat Slattery 25.4mm prototype

Headset: Eclat Cargo

Grips: Eclat ZAP

Seat: Eclat Oz Fat V2

Post: Eclat Torch 200mm

Cranks: Eclat SPIRE 170mm

BB: Eclat 22mm MID

Pedals: Eclat Plaza

Sprocket: Eclat RS 25t

Chain: Eclat Stroke

Rims: Eclat Mercury V2

Hubs: Eclat Blind

Tires: Eclat prototype Bruno Hoffmann signature Predator Tires 2.30″

Pegs: Eclat Venom 4.5″


The first thing you will notice is that Shane is helping us test a prototype of our new 4pc Strangler bars. These bars use a larger diameter 25.4mm clamping tube and a tapered grip tube which allows the bar to be clamped much more securely than the traditional 22.2mm tubing found on most bars and stems.

The Strangler bars use a tapered grip tube which goes from 22.2mm into 25.4mm where the bars are welded at the grip tube for the strongest possible junction. Shane and the team have been putting these bars through the paces, and you should be able to pick up a set later this year along with a 25.4mm Slattery stem to match.

IMG_5123 IMG_5125

The 25.4mm tube combined with the already super tight grip on the Slattery stem means those bars aren’t going anywhere even on the biggest drops and crashes.


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Shane runs his signature Blind hubs laced to the new Mercury V2 rims.

IMG_5128 IMG_5138

The new SPIRE crank and RS sprocket is a match made in heaven.


Shane’s been running our very own Oz pivotal seat since day one, and loves the super tough base design that allows the seat to withstand the forces and abuse that Shane puts his bike through. Shane is now running the V2 Fat version which features a revised foam shape for a more classic and smoother look that looks good on any bike.


A few of the lucky guys on the team have got the chance to run a sample pair of Bruno Hoffmann’s signature Predator tires which are due out in a few months time.

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The super grippy tread and grind friendly sidewall design make the Predator’s the perfect tire for those who like to grind a lot but find themselves damaging the sidewalls. The slightly smaller 2.30″ size (Bruno and Shane’s preferred size) gives you more room between the tire and the ledge, preventing damage and allowing for a smoother grind.


Take a look at Shane’s Eclat Video we dropped a few weeks back…