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Dillon is from Canada and was born in 1993. Dillon can eat a lot. Like a lot.

He is one of the most all around riders out there even if the majority of what you see is street. He absolutely kills it on transitions.


Dillon Lloyd Bike Check

Dillon has been on fire recently. After a few weeks back home in Montreal, he’s about to head back out to California for the Summer so expect some big things on…
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Dillon Lloyd LE TAZ Skatepark

[youtube id=”FrnU4nhuosY”] Dillon Lloyd managed to escape the cold cold winter in Montreal but first he stacked a bunch of clips at LE TAZ skatepark.
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How to Nollie bars with Dillon Lloyd

Wanna learnt this trick? I guess you can now with the help of Dillon. Source: The Come Up.
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