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To everyone here at éclat, there is no shadow of a doubt that Felix Prangenberg really is a part of our family. He’s not just someone we’ve known for a long time and hang out with every week, but he’s someone who believes in the same vision and core principles that keep our brand alive and push us every day. We’ve been able to watch first-hand Felix grow from a relatively unheard-of talented German prodigy to one of the most progressive BMX riders in the world.

Felix Prangenberg ‘LÄRM’

Speechless. Felix Prangenberg coming through with yet another mind-blowing video part of epic proportions. Filmed over the past 9 months, Felix delivers another beautifully put-together video full of mind-melters and…
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Felix Prangenberg Storm Fork

The latest addition to the Storm Fork family is the 15mm offset model. A super steep street fork, tested in the lab and proven in the streets by Éclat PRO…
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Rider Of The Year

No doubting it. Felix Prangenberg crushed 2021. Video parts, contest results, just damn good biking. Felix won the 2021 NORA Cup for “Street Rider Of The Year” and “Readers Choice…
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