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Jordan Godwin is from Wales. Jordan Godwin is also incredibly talented on a bike. The two may or may not be related.

From mind-bending tech moves to straight up bangers. Jordan is a rider who can get in the van with the crew and throw down like no one else.

Jordan also has two Chihuahuas and drives a Yellow mini cooper.

Inside the E440 Rim

The constant thirst for innovation and progression within our products is the drive that keeps us alive as a brand. Every day we are looking at the very same bikes…
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Today you’re in for a treat. Éclat PRO Alex Kennedy broke into the Source Park and SHUT IT DOWN! Full video now LIVE. Do not miss this…
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Help Sean Burns

As some of you may have heard, Éclat team rider and close friend Sean Burns is currently in hospital after a horrific fall while riding leaving him with some very…
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