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The Onyx was an incredibly revolutionary product which flew under the radar for most people. One of the first cranks in BMX to utilise investment casting, the Onyx Cranks are our finest and the most inventive chromoly cranks to date. Trusted by the team for their super stiff 24mm 3pc design, these tough cranks are designed to be put through hell and come back wanting more.



By forming the spindle and pedal boss in a cast mold, we were able to provide more surface area for the crank arm to be welded to, and in return a much stronger junction. The invest cast process also allowed us to give the boss section a unique and fluid ankle friendly shape that many riders have fallen in love with, especially riders who have been plagued by the dreaded “ankle bite” on tailwhips.

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The most recent incarnation of the Onyx now incorporates a super hollow oversize 24mm spindle. This spindle is stiffer but also lighter from it’s counterparts since it’s drilled hollow through the centre. The latest Onyx crank is now build around a 3pc design, making it fully compatible with both regualr bolt-drive and 24mm spline-drive sprockets.

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The Onyx cranks are designed to take the strain, stress and power of today’s most fierce riders, and are the crank of choice for many of the guys on the team like Dillon LloydJulian Arteaga and Devon Smillie. 

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The Onyx cranks are available now at eclat dealers worldwide. You can pick up a pair in 175mm or 170mm in Glossy Black and Chrome.