We have just released our brand new ONYX cranks and to put it quite bluntly, they are our most inventive and strongest cranks yet.

The arms are made from tubular heat-treated 4130 CRMO and they are our strongest yet! The axles are 22 mm CRMO ultra hollow, the cranks feature a new CRMO bolt with spline for a better grasp and hold and they feature the invest cast pedal and spindle boss which helps to eliminate any problems with welding in stressful areas.

BMX moves constantly and riders are not only getting more technical but they are pushing everything so tricks become higher, harder, faster and stronger. The ONYX cranks are designed specifically to take the strain, the stress, and the power that now exists at a brand new level. Wanna read the specs and see more photos?

Material: Tubular heat-treated 4130 crmo arms & crmo axle
Length: 170mm or 175mm
Axle: 22mm crmo ultra hollow
Features: Invest cast pedal & spindle boss to eliminate problems with welding in stressful areas • New crmo bolt with spline for better grasp and hold • RSD & LSD compatible • 2 sprocket boltholes on each side