Tires are tires right? We think not. Long gone are the days when any old tire will do and today more than ever, the rubber that rolls you around needs to be exactly what you desire.

At Eclat we went directly to the team first, we asked them what kind of tire they would like and we worked closely to create ‘The Ridgestone’. Its not just a nice looking tire either, it’s a perfect mix of tread amount, slick and overall thickness. It’ available in two versions – a slick version and a knobbly version for more grip.

It’s ideal for street riding or ramps and tough enough to take the strain these days. Nathan was involved in the early stages of creation and the initial drawings, he bounced ideas back and forth with Shane to think up the name and together with our product designers we ended up with what we think is one of our best and most progressive tires yet.

The rubber compound used for the Ridgestone tires has been developed to achieve the best balance of traction, speed and durability. A 60° durometer is used on the shoulder areas of the tire to give more grip in the corners. Down the centre of the tire the 68° durometer rubber generates a lower rolling resistance and so gives the tire more straight-line speed.

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Slick 2.20″ & 2.30



Traction 2.30″