The team is on the road right now in Vegas working on a new éclat video. We took the chance to sit down with Ty Morrow and get a closer look at his bike. Ty always has a dialled rig and this one is no exception. Ty is riding a full éclat kit including his signature 10″ Morrow Bar and Morrow Tires with all the trimmings.

Frame – Fiend Morrow 21″
Fork – éclat Storm XLT 24mm
Bar – éclat Morrow 10″
Headset – éclat Cargo Low
Stem – Fiend Morrow
Grips – éclat Pulsar, made in the USA by ODI
Cranks – éclat Spire 160mm
Sprocket – éclat AK Guard 25t
Chain –éclat 4Stroke
Pedals – éclat Centric
Seat – Fiend Morrow
Seatpost – éclat Torch 230mm
Tires – éclat Morrow 2.40″
Wheels – éclat Bondi Rims to éclat Cortex Front and Cortex Freecoaster Hub
Pegs – éclat Venom 4.8″