A modern take on the classic “dirt tire”, we’ve been working closely with Tyson Jones-Peni, Dylan Lewis and other roasters on the team on a new éclat tire which rolls smooth on the trails and runs fast in the bowl.

The Vapour Tire is available now in 2.40″ (63mm) and 2.25″ (57mm). 100psi rated and with Cobweb technology for superior strength. Utilizing a special race-spec rubber compound, a fast-rolling center section and a unique multi-textured tread pattern for superior grip on all surfaces, the Vapour Tire fiends for the dirt and cement 💨

The eclat Vapour Tire is available now from eclat dealers worldwide and soon on the Kingdom Store.



60tpi construction, wire bead


2.4″ (63mm) or 2.25″ (57mm) *on a Bondi 38mm rim




• modern take on the classic “dirt tire”
• fast rolling trail/transition at home on the trails or in the bow
• high rated pressure 100 PSI
• front (2.4″) and rear (2.25″) specific options
• one of the widest inflated tires on the market (63mm/2.40″)
• micro knurled tread for increased grip on all surfaces
• more aggressive outer tread for increased traction on hard and soft pack dirt
• puncture resistant nylon layer
• re-enforced special Cobweb sidewall layer for protection

2.4″ 698g (24.5oz : 1.53lbs)
2.25″ 664g (23.4oz : 1.46lbs)