Interdimensional man of mystery and intrigue, we’re hyped to have AK with us in Athens right now. As always, he’s rocking a typically “AK” setup with some of the most vibrant wheels we’ve ever built for a team rider. Many of the team (including AK) have been feeling out the NEW longer 4.8″/122mm version of our Venom Pegs which are now available from your local shop. AK has been absolutely shredding it all trip long, so expect to see some fresh footage dropping in the video. In the meantime take a closer look at AK’s rig here…

Frame – Cult AK 21.25″

Fork – Cult

Bars – Cult 4pc

Stem – eclat Metra Stem

Headset – eclat Cargo

Grips – Cult AK

Seat – Cult AK

Cranks – Cult Hawk

Sprocket – eclat AK Guard 25t

Pedals – eclat AK

Chain – eclat 4 Stroke

Front Hub – eclat Teck

Rear Hub – eclat Cortex Freecoaster

Rims – eclat Mercury

Pegs – eclat Venom 4.8″

TiresCult AK