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We all get mad when we ride sometimes, especially Shane who even though he is trying to curve his anger, still has some troubles containing his voice. This is pretty funny and reminds me of his b-side anger management clips. We caught up with Shane to hear his side of ‘getting mad’. Thanks to Nathan for doing this!

Getting mad is a personal part of riding I feel, we all go through it and people rarely see it on film. How do you try to cope with getting mad and staying in control?

I usually only get mad for a moment then I chill back down and try to refocus on what I was working on. The longer it takes the harder it is to concentrate and then I just menatally lose it.

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened when getting mad? I’m sure you must have upset some people?

At the courthouse in Nashville I was trying a line and I kept messing up on the first trick. After some time I just lost it and kicked the rail and it just snapped and fell to the ground. We were lucky enough to catch it on film and its awesome haha.


“The longer it takes the harder it is to concentrate and then I just menatally lose it”

Your riding is tech so it’s kinda understandable when you take a while to get something down, what’s the longest you’ve ever taken to complete a line?

Probably this fakie manual in Austin Texas. Its a pad 90 degree island with a gap in the middle. I tried to get it on a Almond trip a year or so ago for multiple days! Then I went back with Stew to film it for the DANS DVD. We went there and it didn’t happen the first day, the second day we went back with a strategic plan and a few hours later it was done.

How guilty do you feel when you throw your bike hah?

So guilty! I always regret it and wish I can take it back every time. I just get so mad hahaha. I’m slowly working on stopping but it’s gonna take some adjusting and breathing exercises.