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Bruno is already a veteran at the age of 22. He’s been through a passport and seen more spots globally than 99% of BMXers ever will in their whole life. Despite all his German Street Rider of the Year Awards and international media coverage, Bruno’s life and interests exceed the BMX bubble. Equipped with a very ambitious mind he has well educated perspectives on political and social matters. For a while now he has been living in Frankfurt, the german banking capitol and capitol of all kinds of crime. In this atmosphere of social divide Bruno has helped to build the strongest BMX street crew of the country, CIAO. These are all aspects you should take into account when looking at his new signature grip. The CIAO logo as well as the skyline of Frankfurt pay hommage to the things that are important to him. But now enough of the praise and down to business. Bruno has been through his fair share of bike parts, killing spots for the past decade. The list of his sponsors speaks for itself, so he knows his shit. Why are these grips prone to be absolutely amazing? Answer: they have to be, as you are not going to see Bruno take his hands off of them any time soon. That’s right, #shotsfired.

Intro by Martin Mahlert.

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“Gripped” Interview.

Okay, so how long have you lived in Frankfurt and what was the reason you wanted to stay there? The scene seems to be buzzing there?

I’ve been living here for almost two years now. The city where I’m from is pretty small so I knew I had to get out and Frankfurt seemed like the perfect fit. The scene is amazing, there are fresh spots everywhere and the biggest airport in Germany is 15 minutes from my house. At the same time the city is not too big and you get around easy. If I want to go home its only 1.5 hours away too.

Do you try to escape in the winter months to make sure you’re riding on the reg ha?

Ha Ha yeah kind of, I try to not stay in the cold for too long. But the past two winters have been pretty nice with no snow, so it’s not too bad. It’ll be nice to go somewhere for a couple months though.

Do you think being a european rider has ever held you back in being a BMX pro?

Nar not really. There are a lot of good brands in Europe, as well as more culture I think. From here you can go to 5-6 different countries in a couple hours so I feel like it has more to offer. At the same time it’s nice being in Cali for a bit haha..

Do you feel like you’ve been riding forever?

It doesn’t feel forever but definitely long as fuck. It’s more than half of my life and I wouldn’t know what I’d be doing right now if I hadn’t picked up a bike.

Grips are important, often overlooked because so many are made, how do important is it having a signature grip?

Ehm, I’m not sure how important it is but it’s definitely cool to have my own. I think the way grips feel can change the way your whole bike feels, so I’m buzzing to be totally happy with mine.

How particular are you about grips, they way they feel and how long they last for?

Most importantly I didn’t want a grip that needs weeks to break in, I wanted them to be as thin as possible. I’ve had mine since about 3 weeks and they are still totally fine so that’s cool.

What was the idea behind the FF skyline and the incorporation of the Ciao logo?

Well to be honest its “just a grip” so I think the little things are what makes it cool. Having the skyline and the ciao logo in there just represents my current point in life with Frankfurt being my home and the ciao crew being my closest friends. It just made sense to somehow represent it on my first éclat signature Part.