ECLAT_Hannibal Stem_2016-10-Bearbeitet

The Hannibal Stem was one of our very first products when we launched back in 2008. Back then, we noticed the demand for a strong and reliable stem with a wider clamping area to withstand the extra leverage of the increasing bar height at the time. Eight years later, the Hannibal has gone through some revisions but has stayed true to the original principal of a simple looking, strong frontloader. The stem of choice for Darryl Tocco, Chester Blacksmith and a lot of the guys on the team who prefer the traditional feel of a front frontloader; the Hannibal stem is still the go-to stem for riders around the world who choose effective design and elegance over something with so many holes it looks like a block of Swiss cheese.

Here’s a few tricks that the Hannibal has up it’s sleeve that you probably didn’t know about…

1. The Hannibal uses a body and faceplate which is first cold forged, and then CNC machined to give it it’s final shape. We do this because the cold forging process allows us to control the quality of the material, and ensure that the alloy is always the correct quality and is as strong as possible.


2. We use larger head 6mm heat-treated allen bolts on the Hannibal. These bolts are super tough, and clamp the stem without threading out like cheaper bolts used on other stems.


3. The fork clamping slot at the back of the stem is offset, allowing it to not only clamp better, but also preventing it from being squashed together if over tightened and get seized shut. We introduced this technology on our very first Hannibal stem, and it’s become a staple on all of our stems ever since.

ECLAT_Hannibal Stem_2016-03-Bearbeitet

4. The Hannibal uses a slightly wider faceplate than most frontload stems. At 36mm wide, this allows the stem to clamp the bars better and really bite into the knurling preventing any slipping. This was one of the first real features that we brought to the table when conceiving the Hannibal, and is a feature that a lot of brands later followed suit and adopted with their stems.

The Hannibal Stem is available now worldwide. You can pick it up in Black, Polished and Dark Blue, with more colours dropping later this year…