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Where do you start with a rider like Sean Burns, how you try to explain how he has changed BMX and how his video parts have effected people over the years.

Sean was always a first choice for us, we wanted someone to really give our parts a good thrashing, someone who would be able to help us to improve our inventions so they could withstand anything. Sean was never a test dummy though, and he certainly isn’t a hucker, we like to think he holds some control within his own personal chaos.

Sean worked hard with us to create his own signature stem, a stem that could survive heavy drops and brutal riding everyday.


The wait is over. Sit back and enjoy the Eclat PRO team drop hammer after hammer in the streets of Texas. Featuring Dan Coller, Bruno Hoffmann, Devon Smillie, Sean Burns…
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We don’t know about you guys but this summer has been exhausting. Time for our family vacation. Search #eclatsocialites for updates from the crew.
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Sean Burns Bike Check

Eclat veteran, rooftop lover and certified madman Sean Burns just built up an all new steed featuring his signature Burns Grips and Burns V2 Stem, as well as a bunch…
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